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Here are some ideas for how to spend your LCash wisely...

Deposit as installment for a new property

Whether you're an existing customer or you have never bought a Lifecard property before you're still eligible for LCash bonus.Use your LCash as part of your deposit for a new property. We will add your bonus credit to any amount you deposit.


Request For Any New Property Of Your Choice

Have a property from another real estate company you'd like to acquire? Use the request function on your dashboard and follow the instructions. We will apply your LCash bonus, up to N10m in value. You get the property at less than the market price.


Verify Your 3rd-Party Properties

Everyone deserves a property with genuine titles and documents. We'll verify 3rd-party properties for free for you, Just use the request function on your dashboard to send us the property. Don't worry, we'll apply your LCash to any property of choice and help you facilitate the deal seamlessly.


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